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About Your GRN Signon

Your GRN signon gives you access to all international GRN systems, such as Email, Alfresco, Learning Hub and GRID.

That means your signon and password is the same for all these systems.

For most people, the signon is simply your first and last name together, in lower case, with no spaces or punctuation, for example alberteinstein.

The email address for this signon would be, but make sure you use the signon, not the full email address, when logging on to any system.

If You Forget Your Password

If you forget your signon or password, you or your manager should email GRN Information Systems Support at or through the website.

If you contact Support yourself, you will need to provide some other way for us to verify who you are, before we send you a new password.

a) If we have your mobile phone number, we can send your password by SMS.

b) If we have your Skype Id, we can send your password that way.

c) If you have previously given us a secret question and answer, you can tell us the secret answer and we can email your password back to you.

d) Otherwise, we will send your password to your manager.